Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Mohamed Hafizi Bin Mohamed

Age: 25 years

Highest Education
Level : Bachelor of Sports Science (Hons)
Field of Study : Physical Fitness/Strength Conditioning/Coaching
Name of Institution : University Technology MARA (UiTM)
Years : 2008-2010
CGPA : 2.95

Second Highest Education
Level : Diploma of Sport Studies
Field of Study : Sport & Exercise Science
Name of Institution : University Technology MARA (UiTM)
Years : 2005-2008
Graduation Date : 2008
CGPA : 3.39

2010- Title: Physiological Characteristic among National Triatheles based on VO²max and Peak Anaerobic Power

•Experience in conducting the physical test, fitness testing, first aider, strength training and conditioning, event management, and coaching
•Knowledgeable in learning the sport for disable population and sport safety & emergency care
•As a event organizer for sport activities and recreation
•Conducting the kick-boxing class
•Experience in sport massage (Trigger-Point & surface massage)
•Manage to design the exercise training program for kids, adult, & adolescent
•Nutrition intake planner
•Design the fitness center and gym
•Physical trainer (Indoor Workout or Outdoor Workout)

Sport Achievement

•Experience in squash played since amateur until semi-pro
•Represent state and junior selection for national player
•Represent University for intervarsity and Represent Malaysia University (MASUM)
•Experience in squash coaching
•Represent Kelantan squash team for Sukma 2008
•Gold medalist for SIPMA 2009 Squash Tournament- Represent MASUM (Team Event)
•Gold medalist for MASUM 2010 Squash Tournament- Represent Uitm (Team Event)
•2004- Secondary School sportsman of the year
•Good in swimming consists with four (4) strokes
•Knowledgeable in all sport especially in racket sport
•Brown two (2) belt certificate of Karate Goshin-Ryu
•Experience in long distance cycling and mountain biking

Pasal saya:-

- Sangat suka bersukan...dan kalau ade masa terluang dan peluang...ade lah juga buat part time trainer kat luar sana hah....contoh nya mcm business card tu hah..."Kinetics Fitness" kononya...but okla...boring2....ade lah juga kan...

- Squash mungkin sudah jadi sejarah dalam hidup..tapi...squash tetap akan ade dalam hati dan sanubari ni....jiwang siott.....

- lagi dan lagi....berlari, jongging, dan berenang...inilah rutin harian aku...kalau pekena ni...mmg tak senang duduk....

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